Homeschooling is NOT a good idea

 Homeschooling my children: this is a reality that I've had to face for the last several months. As the doubt of schools opening back up continues, this homeschooling situation seems like more of a permanent situation daily.

Teaching young children is not an issue for me. This is actually my greatest skills, I mean shoot I have three different degrees in early education. Teaching my children successfully is not the problem                                                                                                                

  The problem is this: I DO NOT WANT TO STAY HOME WITH MY CHILDREN! I love my kids. I love seeing my children learn new things and get excited about their new knowledge. I do not want to teach my children. I LOVE teaching! I love children. I DO NOT WANT TO BE WITH MY KIDS 24/7! Other people have children. I teach their children for eight hours a day. I then return their children to their parents so they can deal with the constant energy. My children go to school. They learn new things. They run, play, bicker, and drive their teachers crazy. They then return home to me where I can tolerate their wild selves for a few short hours before running them off to bed for the night. THIS IS HOW LIFE SHOULD BE!                                                             
    As parents, our job is to love our children, support our children, and be excited for our children. This, however; is a most impossible task to achieve when we are expected to spend every second of our lives with our children.                                                                       

Will I home school my children if necessary? Well of course I will. Will I stay mentally stable throughout the process? Absolutely not. The typical mom needs a break from her children daily. This helps her to appreciate the time she has with them more. No mom that actually interacts with her children wants to spend every minute of every day with them. Any mom that says that they're thrilled about the current life situation of being stuck with their children 24/7 is either a complete liar or totally ignoring their children all day. 
                                                                                                                                                           COVID-19 germs will not kill the mom, COVID-19 isolation; however, will kill the best of us
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