Homeschooling is NOT a good idea

 Homeschooling my children: this is a reality that I've had to face for the last several months. As the doubt of schools opening back up continues, this homeschooling situation seems like more of a permanent situation daily.

Teaching young children is not an issue for me. This is actually my greatest skills, I mean shoot I have three different degrees in early education. Teaching my children successfully is not the problem                                                                                                                

  The problem is this: I DO NOT WANT TO STAY HOME WITH MY CHILDREN! I love my kids. I love seeing my children learn new things and get excited about their new knowledge. I do not want to teach my children. I LOVE teaching! I love children. I DO NOT WANT TO BE WITH MY KIDS 24/7! Other people have children. I teach their children for eight hours a day. I then return their children to their parents so they can deal with the constant energy. My children go to school. They learn new things. They run, play, bicker, and drive their teachers crazy. They then return home to me where I can tolerate their wild selves for a few short hours before running them off to bed for the night. THIS IS HOW LIFE SHOULD BE!                                                             
    As parents, our job is to love our children, support our children, and be excited for our children. This, however; is a most impossible task to achieve when we are expected to spend every second of our lives with our children.                                                                       

Will I home school my children if necessary? Well of course I will. Will I stay mentally stable throughout the process? Absolutely not. The typical mom needs a break from her children daily. This helps her to appreciate the time she has with them more. No mom that actually interacts with her children wants to spend every minute of every day with them. Any mom that says that they're thrilled about the current life situation of being stuck with their children 24/7 is either a complete liar or totally ignoring their children all day. 
                                                                                                                                                           COVID-19 germs will not kill the mom, COVID-19 isolation; however, will kill the best of us
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Happy Birthday Mac

    Five years! Its been five years since I said goodbye to late nights out playing around downtown, since I pulled an all nighter, since I had a night out with my friends that no longer exist. Five years since I said goodbye to my freedom and lack of responsibility. 

It's been five years since I learned what my purpose in life really is. Everything I thought I wanted in life changed. Five years since one tiny cry made my entire life turn completely around. 

I thought I had it all. Going out every night,  parties, friends, a great body, and plenty of money. Then I looked into your eyes for the first time and you became my everything 

I dont know why God chose me to be your mom. I don't know how you still think I'm the greatest hero ever when I mess up and fail daily. But you love me relentlessly.

 Your my biggest fan. You think I'm your hero, but really you're mine.
I have never had a best friend like you. One that makes me laugh constantly, feel better when I'm upset, hug me when I'm down, keep me just crazy enough to appreciate life, and make me so proud.

I love you more than you'll ever know McLaren Alexander Skyy Wilson. Every since I first held you in my arms I knew that my life purpose was to be your mom, and I cant believe how fast time flies. I cant wait to see what our next 5 years bring us. Happy Birthday munchkin!

Embrace the chaos

So schools close thanks to the whole Corona-pocylpse ordeal and I take this as a chance to really embrace this whole stay at home mom thing and finally connect with my children. Excited, I create this whole beautiful daily schedule in my mind that goes like this

Wake up each morning to happy children that get along.. make some coffee and breakfast and enjoy a short cartoon on television 
Then lay baby down for his morning nap and enjoy some crafts and free play with my two big boys
Then wash dishes and sort laundry before baby wakes up

Once baby is awake, we will make a very nutritional lunch followed by a two hour nap for all 3 kids
During naptime mommy will tidy up the house and relax
After naptime we will have a healthy snack and play outside until daddy gets home
Once daddy gets home he will take over parenting while I prepare a most delicious dinner
Then after a lovely dinner we will sit outside and enjoy the evening breeze before returning inside for baths
Once we've all been bathed and in our pjs. We will all cuddle on the couch for a family movie before going to bed by 9 o'clock 

That perfect vision of mine had me so ready for this new chapter of quarantine life...sadly reality went a little like this:

Wake up way to early to the ear piercing screams of a baby with a bulging diaper and the pitter patter of wild dogs that are ready to go outside for the day

Attempt to make a cup of coffee while the 5 and 2 year old fight over the tv remote (because apparently we dont have another tv these days)
Throw down a bowl of cereal or a poptart..breakfast is served 
Attempt to drink coffee before breakfast ends 
Too late. Breakfast is over.
Get dressed. 5 year old doesnt wanna get off the tv...who cares, not having that fight today
Take baby and 2 year old outside to play 
Baby gets sleepy 
Lay baby down for nap
Wheres my coffee? Reheat it
2 year old and 5 year old are fighting over a toy that I'm sure we have 10 more of somewhere. Kids start screaming
Baby wakes up
Mommy gets frustrated. Time to go outside for awhile 
2 year old is now screaming because big brother got him wet. The world is ending
Mommy is getting a headache
..wheres my dang coffee? Reheat it again
Time for lunch. Ramen noodles? Sure why not
Dog ends up eating most of it anyways 
Baby is down for a nap again
Reheat coffee 
2 and 5 year old lay down
Start fighting because someone touched the other...of course more screaming.. baby wakes up
Mommy loses her patience and threatens to call Santa, the birthday fairy,  and Nana. Big kids finally fall asleep or pretend to sleep...I dont really care at this point.
Baby finalllllly lays back down
5 year old is  now awake

gives up. 5 year old gets tablet to keep him quiet while other two nap
Mommy scrubs dishes and starts another load of laundry to add to the clean clothes mountain 
Finally finds coffee...tastes like crap now
Gets in shower...applies starts screaming right on que...
Nap time is obviously over.
Snack time consists of pretzels and starburst. That's cool
Back outside so mommy can relax while kids play
Nope they all 3 wanna sit on me because it's not already 8392084 million degrees outside 
Daddy is finally home! Daddy is tired...daddy has man chores.
Throw a frozen pizza in oven for dinner.
Bon appetit 
Kids go off the deep end crazy 
Running around fighting over something but honestly who even cares at this point as long as there isnt blood
Baby is crying about something
Too tired for bathtime so we wipe them down with a wipe...baths are overrated anyways
Pjs? Eh who needs them
Cant agree on a movie
Boys are fighting....again. mommy is no longer in mom mode and gives up
Turns on xbox for 5 year old
Gives 2 year old phone
Baby finally crashes for the night
Mommy hides in the closet with 10 pounds of chocolate
10:30 rolls around...all 3 kids are finally asleep somewhere..put them in their beds
Lays down in own bed....beyond exhausted 
Breaks down because it starts all over tomorrow
Mom life on repeat mode...

Quarantine life has taught me to embrace the chaoas. It has also reminded me just how much I was NOT meant to be a stay at home mom. Kudos to the ones that do it, but it's not for me. I love my children and even though our days are mostly chaotic arguments we have so much fun together...however I do LOVE bedtime each night and can not wait for school to start back in the fall!

The world may be crazy but you don'don't care

My three sweet happy and full of life. So young and free of worry. This is life I want you to know and love. This is life we should all live. But unfortunately the world has come to a point where selfish desires cloud good judgment. 

This is not the case for my young boys. I will not let them see this chaos going on around them. They do not need to see grown people acting like children that cant get along. My children should not see this hate that is going on in the world around them. My children do not see color and they do not know judgement because that is not the way they are raised. My children want everyone to be their friend because they do not know that there are not so nice people out there. 

Though I worry and fear the things going on in today's world, my precious dirty little boys will not see that fear in me. They will enjoy their childhood full of superhero adventures and muddy worms. They'll laugh and wrestle and live like all children should...happily. 

My children do not know

My children have no clue of what is going on in the world around them.. They dont know the covid-19 adapted life we live.  They wake up and ...