I'm That Mom

I'm that mom with that kid you always here and see running and screaming through Walmart like a chicken with his head cut off.

I'm that mom with the kid who has to play with every toy or touch every can at the stores

I'm that mom with the dirty sticky child who looks like they haven't had a bath in days

I'm the mom with the house that looks like a tornado has hit and if you don't wear shoes it is very likely that you're going to step in something

I'm that mom whose kid never ever wears shoes and very rarely has on socks

The mom who always lets her little one buy a sucker or a toy at the end of the trip no matter how "bad" they were

I'm the one that says "sure" to giving her little one juice at 8:00 at night

But I'm also the mom whose child isn't a spoiled brat as most would say

I'm the mom that knows how to pick her battles

Who cares if my kid is having fun in Walmart. I enjoy acting a little crazy sometimes too

What does it matter if he wants to play with all the toys? He always puts them back somewhere on a shelf. I mean how else would we know which one we want?

He's sticky and dirty so I'm looked down on because I don't bathe my kid? No I think he's sticky and dirty because I  don't stop him from having fun and being a little boy. He does get a bath every night before bed

Yes my house is a complete and total DISASTER! But I'm the mom that feels like quality time with her kids is ten times more important than picking up toys or washing dishes or folding clothes

He is barefoot always but really who likes to wear shoes?

Yes I give him a sucker and juice anytime he asks but yet he's in bed by 9:00 every night.

Your babies are only going to be babies for a short amount of time and in the blink of an eye they're all grown up and don't need you anymore.

They won't need you to buy them a toy or to cuddle or kiss ouchies. Those sweet babies that you spend more time scolding and setting rules for a growing every second and you can't even enjoy those moments because you are busy trying to be a "good" parent. 

I'm the mom who gives every moment to enjoying time with her babies whether it be loud and crazy acts in Walmart or throwing cereal in the floor and listening to the crunch it makes when we step on it. 

These are the moments that they're gonna look back on and remember in twenty years. These are the moments that when they become parents you hope they try to recreate. These are the moments that are going to keep you young and relaxed as opposed to always stressed. 

Throw cereal, get sticky, be loud. Have fun and enjoy the little things before they are all gone. 

A Word of Advice to the Girls with Baby Fever

To all of you young girls between sixteen and twenty-two that are so in love with babies and just "need" one NOW....get a job in a nursery and buy a chastity belt because I promise you having a baby is NOT what you think it is.

Take it from the girl who has had a total passion for kids for as long as she can remember. All those precious bundles of joy you cuddle and coo over have one thing that your own baby won't. They are all RETURNABLE. Play with them, cuddle them, kiss them, pinch their chubby little cheeks, then you can return them to their parents. You can't do that with your own baby. Nope sorry honey no returns accepted. 

Don't get me wrong, I absolutely ADORE my son and I wouldn't trade him or take back having him for all the money in the world. But I do think I should've waited to have him. Twenty years old is just too young and immature to be able to make serious decisions that will affect the life of another human being. I mean you can barely even make decisions for yourself at that age. I didn't know what adult life really was. I didn't know about the bills, taxes, jobs, and all those other fine print items that grownups deal with. So let me share the things I've learned from becoming a young mother.

First off getting pregnant is a REALLY long nine month period of giving up EVERYTHING fun. No more drinks, no more sushi, no bloody steaks, you can't lift anything heavy, you can't do certain things, you're always tired, you have to pee, and you sweat like crazy. Not to mention all those adorable size 1 clothes don't fit, and they just don't make them in pregnant girl size

Post-baby is even worse. Your fat, your tired, your hair is a mess, makeup doesn't exist, you stink like baby poo and spit up, you have stretch marks on all your best features, did I mention how tired you are? All those late night bonfires and movie outings are gone for good. That size 1 perfect bikini body you had will never be there again thanks to those new hips you've acquired. For the rest of your life your first priority is now that adorable bundle that you couldn't live without.

You think you and your man are still gonna be that giddy madly in love couple you were pre-baby? Nope say goodbye to that too. Now it's mommy and daddy life where romance is replaced with a peck on the lips and hoping you get lucky enough to sit on the couch and watch an episode of Fast n Loud before you both pass out for the night. Spontaneous dates are replaced with spaghetti and Paw Patrol. And when you do decide to splurge and go on a date you have to find a sitter, pack a diaper bag, think about what time you'll be back, think about the baby the whole time your gone, and then be too tired to even stay out late. 

There's constant stress and struggles. You have to work to pay for your house and diapers and other baby things when you'd much rather be enjoying the beautiful weather by the pool, and just when you think you've got enough money put away to enjoy a sunny day off your little one is going to get sick or some other unexpected expense is going to come up. Every single time. 

Then those cute sweet smelling babies turn into toddlers real fast. Toddlers are HARD! They're cutting teeth and exploring freedom. They have tantrums, they demand constant attention, they put everything in their mouths, they play in poop, the break everything. Toddlers are just a different story. They are definitely the sleeping infant that you love to cuddle and hold constantly. 

The fun filled college teenage/young adult years are immediately replaced with a middle-aged working mom life. Parties and cute boys are replaced with diapers and one man for the rest of your life. Teeny crop-tops and shorty shorts are replaced with sweat pants and a baggy t-shirt to hide those flaws you just can't lose. Motherhood is the greatest thing any WOMAN could ever experience, but it is something to wait for until the time is right. Motherhood is not ideal for GIRLS with baby fever. My advice is to wait. Don't throw away the fun life you have right now because you have a fetish. Enjoy the babies that other women have, but also live every single fun filled second of your teenage years to the fullest before you decide to reproduce. 

A Walk in the Park

Each weekend when all my monsters are together I try and make sure we do something memorable. I mean I want my children to remember all the fun learning experiences they had when they get older so super mom here plans only the best things ever. Sadly sometimes those plans turn into HUGE fails....

"We're going to the aquarium to see the new lemurs!" I excitedly told my children Sunday morning. Lots of energetic "yay's" was exactly the response I was looking for. But here's where my mom brain failed..

First thing Sunday morning all four of the monsters were wide awake and running crazy at 6 a.m. I know good and well that when mornings start like that then it's going to be a long day, but I ignored it because I had a great day planned out. Indicator number two comes along and like the fool I am I still ignored it. By 8 a.m. all four children were screaming and fighting with one another over EVERYTHING! But again I continued carrying out my plan for the day. Cooked breakfast and of course no one ate hardly anything (another clue that it was going to be a bad day), got the hoodlums all dressed, and then got daddy and myself ready. 

So here we are at 11 a.m. in the car and ready for the aquarium, everyone is excited and happy and then the trouble begins. Once we get downtown of course there isn't anywhere to park. We finally found a spot in a parking garage close by. We begin our treck down to the elevator and the kids are starting to get a little rowdy so we quickly get everyone back in line and make it to the aquarium.

No sooner than we made it to the first exhibit did the mass chaos begin...the two oldest started fighting, the little girl needs to be held, and the baby is wanting to run around like a chimpanzee. We tried to remain very calm and move on to the next exhibit. Here the two older boys are now yelling at each other, little girl insists that her feet do not touch the ground, and heaven forbid you blink an eye or the baby will be gone. 

Last exhibit comes around and I honestly have no clue what we've seen but I am so ready to get out. Baby is screeching at the top of his lungs, girl is whining because daddy is trying to help with other kids and put her down, boys are mad because they got in trouble, daddy and mommy are both super aggravated. The light at the end of the tunnel finally appears and we see the exit sign. 

Now rather than punishing the kids for their demonic behavior in public we instead took a deep breath and stopped for a minute. It wasn't their faults they acted like wild monkeys in there. We should have realized they were all ready for a nap from getting up early, they were all hungry from not eating breakfast, and they were overwhelmed by the amount of people in the aquarium. 

Needless to say that trip was marked not as a memorable one but as a parent fail. The weekend did not however end on the bad side. We then got lunch and took the kids to enjoy the weather at the park where they behaved WONDERFULLY! We played all afternoon until they were so exhausted they couldn't move. #ParentingWin 

Fort Clubhouse

As parents there some things we do for our children and wonder why we're doing it the whole time. Like why in the heck am I making myself a nervous, tired, miserable wreck for this?

Most typically it's with birthday parties. Especially for younger kids. We spend hundreds of dollars and hours planning and preparing extravagant parties for our one and two year olds, for what? They are most definitely not going to remember the party. They don't care what the decorations look like, and I can guarantee that they don't care how the cake looks as long as it has sugar in. Speaking of cake; they are just going to take their dirty little fingers and completely destroy that picture perfect cake that you just spent so much time preparing. 
Fort Clubhouse in progress

Our household is experiencing a similar time-consuming situation lately. We have decided to build a clubhouse for our kids. But not just any clubhouse, the coolest most awesomest clubhouse ever. It's equipped with a rock climbing wall, slide, sandbox, windows, ladders, a platform on the roof for extra play, and of course it'll be painted to perfection. We have put all these hours and dollars of work and craftsmen ship into this perfect clubhouse. And do you know what is going to happen to it? They're gonna destroy it! That's what. They're gonna climb and bounce and throw and scratch and whether the dang thing until it's hardly standing anymore. And that's what we expect because they're kids. Destruction is what they do. 

But my question through all of this is WHY?? Why do we put so much work, time, and money into things that we know good and well our children will destroy?

Is it for the few moments of sheer joy we see in their eyes when they discover their prize? Is it for the heart-melting joy we get from their precious giggles? Or is it the heart flutters we get when they say "I love you."? 

Hours and dollars spent for just a brief ten seconds of happiness...that has got to be the very definition of parenting

Why I Let My Son Play in the Mud


 My one year old son absolutely ADORES mud puddles. We count down the hours until the latest rain shower has passed so we can put on our rain boots and head to the yard. He stomps and runs and splashes until he is just drenched from head to toe in yucky, brown water. Most parents don't agree with this idea because it's messy or it's too cold or some other reason. Now let's stop and think about each of these objections. 
  1. It's messy - So is cooking dinner, but what do you do when you finish cooking? You clean up and wash the dishes. Just because it's messy doesn't stop you from cooking now does it? Children are supposed to do messy things. It is how they learn. According to research, children who are allowed to get messy and play in the mud are more creative and have better large motor skills. 
  2. It's too cold - I agree sometimes the water can be a tad bit cold. So to conquer this, I put three pairs of socks on my son as well as an extra pair of pants. Instead of putting him in blue jeans or sweat pants he wears Hatley Childrens' Splash Pants which can be found on Amazon for a mere $12! 
  3. They will get sick - No playing in the dirt and exposing them to those germs will actually make them less likely to get sick than if you were to keep them inside and clean all the time. Author Tai Viinikka says that allowing your to be around these different kind of bacteria allows your child to develop and immunity to them. 
So rather than insisting your child miss out on all the joys and fun times of puddle jumping, just bundle their little toes up and have a towel and hot bath ready. Let them experience nature hands on rather than just as an observer. I can see such a huge difference in my little guy's level of gross motor skills since I stopped trying to shelter him from germs and just let him loose in the mud. 

There are tons of ways you can enhance their creativity while outside as well. One of our favorite activities is making mud bricks. To do this all you need is:
  • a spoon or a hand
  • ice trays
  • MUD
Give your child the ice trays and a spoon and have them fill it with mud. Now the mud needs to be wet but not the liquid water wet. Just goopy enough to form in the trays. After they fill them up, allow the mud to harden just enough so that it will hold it's shape when you dump it out...usually between 30 minutes to an hour. 

Once it drys dump the bricks out and let your little one experiment with the different creations they can build!

There's just so many ways that children can use mud to learn and develop essential skills for their later years! 

More information about mud play: 

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